Please read the following questions and check "○" if they apply to someone you do not like and "×" if they do not apply.

Don't think about it too much, but check "×" if you are not sure.

Q1 He/she has a sense of intimidation and creates an atmosphere that makes it difficult to talk to.
Q2 He/she is too rational to listen to people's feelings.
Q3 Always high-handed and commanding.
Q4 I have no idea what he/she's thinking or what he/she's obsessed with.
Q5 The fashion is too eccentric to fit the occasion.
Q6 I don't want that bewitching and unrealistic world.
Q7 He/she doesn't speak their mind and doesn't change their expression. So I don't know what he/she is thinking.
Q8 I hope you're not too cautious.
Q9 He/she is giving off too much of an aura that he/she doesn't want me to ask oneself out.
Q10 I'd like you to stop being so stubborn in your refusal to try anything new.
Q11 I understand the importance of frugality, but I don't want to hear about that stingy stuff.
Q12 It's too much to not care about how it looks.
Q13 He/she is aggressive and quick to pick a fight.
Q14 He/she skim the cream and act cool.
Q15 Conveniently, he/she only demands speed when he/she needs it.
Q16 Why you suddenly turn cool when I opened up to you and thought you are one of us?
Q17 The fact that you think you're special and pretentious is annoying.
Q18 He/she doesn't do what I tell him/her to do, but offer him/her own opinions and ideas.
Q19 Nice to everyone goes too far and I don't know which side he/she is.
Q20 To be honest, your excessive concern is annoying.
Q21 Please don't give out that kindness irresponsibly.
Q22 I want you to stop judging things and people based on the assumption that you are smart and right.
Q23 Please don't ask me how I feel and don't respond coldly without any emotion.
Q24 I want you to stop responding unemotional and cool without asking my feeling.
Q25 I don't want you to be misunderstood and nosy about forcing your opinion on others.
Q26 I don't want you to dismiss me as one of them the moment you think I'm not one of them.
Q27 He/she's always loud and brutal.
Q28 I'd like you to stop joking around without understanding time, place and occasion.
Q29 He/she mistakenly believes that if he/she smiles, all will be forgiven.
Q30 I don't think the person is capable of serious subjects.
Q31 I don't want you to have an attitude of flirting with the opposite gender.
Q32 I want you to stop acting like you want to get people's attention.
Q33 I don't like the part where he/she gets to take the easy and skim the cream without any effort.
Q34 I honestly find it annoying when he/she talks to me with the assumption that "I'm a good person".
Q35 I want you to stop using your family as an excuse to evade your responsibilities.
Q36 I don't feel sexy from him/her, so I'm not thrilled to be with him/her.