Read the following questions and check "○" if you think they are completely true and "×" if they do not apply to you.

Don't think about it too much, but check "×" if you are not sure.

Q1 I prefer a work style that allows me to decide and act alone.
Q2 I want to be independent, not employed.
Q3 I want to work with influence with big shots.
Q4 I want more freedom in fashion even at work.
Q5 I value the invisible spiritual world.
Q6 I need time to immerse myself in my own world.
Q7 I want to avoid socializing with people who are nice but thick-skinned.
Q8 I don't like working in noisy places.
Q9 I want to socialize with people at a moderate distance.
Q10 I take the time to build trust.
Q11 I want to work for the same company until I retire if possible.
Q12 I want to work in a place rich in nature, not in the city.
Q13 I want to work with people who are always inspiring.
Q14 I want to work in a glamorous environment.
Q15 I want to work in a job that requires a lot of business trip and outside activities.
Q16 I want to work with sophisticated people in a stylish space.
Q17 I want to work smart.
Q18 I want to work without interference.
Q19 I don't choose a work style that sacrifices my family.
Q20 I want to fulfill my work responsibilities in a set amount of time.
Q21 I can't work with vulgar people.
Q22 I don't want to work with thoughtless people.
Q23 I prefer a work style that respects common sense.
Q24 I want to work for a company with a good educational environment.
Q25 I don't care about the line between work and private life.
Q26 I cherish dinner and drinking parties with my colleagues.
Q27 I want to enjoy working with colleagues I get along with.
Q28 I want to work in a social environment regardless of age and nationality.
Q29 I desire a work style that prioritizes "freedom" in everything.
Q30 I want to work in a fun and relaxed environment.
Q31 Actually, I want to enjoy my hobby without working.
Q32 I want to work while always looking neat and clean.
Q33 Work should be elegant, not greedily.
Q34 I seek an environment with no trouble.
Q35 I value the balance between work and private life.
Q36 I want to work locally, in my hometown if I possible.