Read the following questions and check "○" if you think they are completely true and "×" if they do not apply to you.

Don't think about it too much, but check "×" if you are not sure.

Q1 I prefer a work style that allows me to make decisions and act alone.
Q2 I don't give up easily until I see results.
Q3 I want to work with influence and scale.
Q4 I want a job that constantly stimulates and develops me.
Q5 Whenever I'm asked to make a decision, I always respond immediately.
Q6 If I'm going to do this, I want to get results and be the best.
Q7 I'm confident in my ability to take on challenges without fear of failure.
Q8 I value communication with my peers.
Q9 I'm good at pulling everyone together.
Q10 I want freedom in fashion, even at work.
Q11 I want to get a job where I can use my sense of style.
Q12 Choosing a job is more of a gut decision than a conditional one.
Q13 I don't want my work to be muddy. I want to be smart about it.
Q14 I want to create products and services that overturn conventional wisdom.
Q15 I'm good at problem solving.
Q16 "Time freedom" is the number one priority in choosing a job.
Q17 I want to turn my hobby knowledge and interests into a career.
Q18 I want a job that makes people happy.
Q19 I'm good at working in silence by myself.
Q20 I assume every risk and act accordingly.
Q21 I'll do my job as unobtrusively as possible.
Q22 I'm glad you're happy that what you've prepared is useful.
Q23 I love helping people.
Q24 I don't want to make a decision right away, I want to consider things before I make a decision.
Q25 I want to follow the leader.
Q26 I want a job that deals with beauty and youth.
Q27 I think I'm good with people.
Q28 Choose a solid company with a solid history, not a venture capitalist company.
Q29 I want to get a job that makes use of my solid qualifications and license.
Q30 If possible, I would like to work for the same company until I retire.
Q31 I want to work for a company with social credit.
Q32 I've had the education society needs.
Q33 I want to follow the company's rules and be loyal to them.
Q34 I want to choose a company with a stable monthly income and good benefits.
Q35 Behave in a way that doesn't conflict with people at work.
Q36 I can look around me and decide if I am a leader or an assistant.